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And later, when asked questions like whether Arthur's "romance" with Gwen or his "bromance" with Merlin was stronger (in Series 3), he answered Merlin without hesitation, saying it was "there for everyone to see". I do think Colin's a bit more awkward in answering questions about the homoerotic subtext / slash fans, and tends to sidestep the issue.

It might be because he's more conscious of being the face of the show and how the producers are trying to market it broadly, and he doesn't want to say something that will draw their ire.

Formerly, she was well known for her acclaimed performance as the tyrannical head-girl Harriet Bentley in 2008's Wild Child, and as cruel, conniving Sophie in the 2009 slasher film Tormented.

After he had completed his basic education from Fletcher Middle School, he moved back to England and graduated from Madeley High School; with dreams to become either an actor or a professional footballer.

Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up?

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Bradley James, 33, and his partner had split up.

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