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I had spent the last seven days in this heat, ministering in …Aged sixteen, I was five feet two inches tall and looked like a thirteen year old boy.

Don't try to replicate the look of the latest star, since that person might not fit your body type or overall appearance.

It’s so powerful we’ve been dating for almost two years and we’ve not once had a single fight. This system has been proven to work for nearly every “type” of man out there. In fact, here’s my story: I wasn’t always this good with women. If you’ve ever been in that situation you know how much it sucks. Then around the time I got into college I decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. That’s about how easy it is to learn by the “trial and error” method. This kept me approaching and meeting new women daily… ) After she’s attracted, you NEED to build rapport. She wants to know who this attractive, confident man is… and you can open yourself up and make yourself vulnerable to her emotionally… Rapport is so important, if you can’t build it—no matter how good you are at generating attraction you’ll NEVER be able to get sexual… And if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship, it’s all about building a strong, deep level of rapport… For example, if you pick up a book written by Chuck Norris and read it cover to cover and even practice the blocks, kicks and punches you see in the illustrations in the mirror… they’ve read all the ebooks, bought all the DVD courses… you watch “normal” guys get almost instant success with them… Fact is, we put you through the same exact process that every one of us had to go through in order to get wicked good with women. UNLIKE martial arts, which can require years of practice before you become proficient…

Today I want to share with you the same secret “system” I used to date as many as 5 to 6 women at a time (NEVER less than 2)… Not only that, but I met my current girlfriend now, using this exact same method… and it only took 3 minutes to set up our first date. • Just divorced or separated and want to get back into the game… I sat around and watched all the “jerks” and jocks get all the women I desperately wanted. I was always the nice guy who gave these girls, who I desperately wanted a shot at, a shoulder to cry on, then they’d go off and have sex with their “jerk” boyfriends again. and have fulfilling relationships with me even if it killed me! Trust me, you do NOT want to learn this stuff this way. Imagine trying to learn Kickboxing without taking any classes… but by just jumping in a ring with a prize fighting champ. Around this time I made a rule for myself: I wasn’t allowed to date one woman at a time. After college, I was exposed to the “seduction community” in 2002 and thought it was pretty cool. Most of the stuff everyone was using was just a bunch of stuff to impress women in bars, clubs and parties… It was a very “one size fits all approach” which gave guys some success… Plus, if I was hanging out with these guys in the “real” world and they saw a girl in front of them in line at the coffee shop… They want, they DREAM about a strong, confident, attractive man who can open himself up emotionally… In fact, it can happen in as little as the 5 seconds it takes to walk up to her… and give her a sincere compliment (complimenting her works this powerfully ONLY if you do it right like we’ll teach you! If you can make her feel like she’s known you a lifetime… Why You Can NOT “Get” This System From a Book, Audio, or DVD Course… discovering how to attract women, build rapport with them and get intimate is something you do 99% with your body. Which means you have to learn it physically…“Pickup” is a physical skill—like martial arts. I’ve personally seen guys who have been “in the game” for over 2 years…

A divorced couple meet online and go on a blind date.

They then decide to find dates for each other, but things get complicated when old habits resurface.

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• Using long, drawn out, scripted routines that someone else made up… • Getting some results from the “pickup” information you’ve already studied… Women who would cry to me about how they hated their “jerk” boyfriends—but couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them because the sex was just, “Sooooo gooood”. I was in college so this was all during the day time on campus… luckily I was a nerd and kept track of my progress—what was working and what was making me crash and burn. I didn’t even know there was a “how to pick up women community”. I only had myself and the laws of cause and effect to back me up. but those are still pretty impressive odds-- and it just got better. What almost everyone in the seduction community is DEAD WRONG about… Lots of psychology, some hypnosis, game-playing, some magic… Plus, almost everyone was using the same long, scripted routines. we just have that connection…”And it’s this emotional connection that women crave. The reason why we put day game and rapport together as one workshop is because during the day time (as you’ve seen) it’s generally easier to get a women attracted to you.

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