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Performance-tuning and -optimisation for (JSF-) web applications is a huge topic that can be very challenging.Measures can be taken at different technical levels: There is a number of measures that can be taken to improve the performance of JSF applications in general and there are some requirements for those measures that make them particularly interesting from a pragmatic point of view: That said, we can focus on measures that comply with above requirements: The component tree is a fundamental concept in JSF.Since Eclipse 3.2 the Equinox OSGi implementation offers so called adaptor hooks.This paper explains how code coverage can easily be added to the Equinox OSGi runtime via on-the-fly code instrumentation employing these hooks. KG, April 2007 (updated March 2008) This paper describes a technique how to integrate the EMMA code coverage library into OSGi/Equinox applications.A working example based on EMMA is provided that allows measuring code coverage of any Eclipse application. Please also consider our new code coverage library Ja Co Co which greatly simplifies the integration as it provides on-the-fly coverage data recording for any Java application (including OSGi frameworks).The plug-in based architecture of Eclipse is the foundation of modular design and extensibility. The most recommended JSF method is to have backing beans return the URL to the next page, the reverse of having a central controller.

The component model underneath making this possible is based on the OSGi standard which manages the lifecycle and contracts between all the bundles forming an application.) implementation "Checker Framework" does not exist any more. I don't think it will make it into 2.1.0 but it is definitely worth to wait for JDK 9's take on it.Because these annotations are so basic/essential, our goal should be to use the (yet non-existing) Java standard.I had the chance to talk about JSF performance tuning at JAX Con in Mainz, Germany.The slides are available only in German, so here is an English summary of what I was talking about.

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Look at Prime Faces Data Table and try to use options like frozen rows pagination and so on together. I still haven't find a single use case where is more suitable than JSP. It tries to translate the all the JSP elements into tags, but for god sake there are so many many things(Reports, jscripts, animations...............) which can not be completed by using fucking tags, so I have to use servlet and jsp again!!! For instance: HTML5 Support is still not in the stable version. After one month's programming, I have absolutely no impression about those codes at all when they're taken off from my eyes. JSF sucks because: It has poor design - it was designed to have reusable components, but u can not use components from one JSF library in another (if u think u can, try to mix Rich Faces with Ice Faces and ADF) It does not meet modern programming model.

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