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Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.The first year of the contract is one-way, while the second year is a two-way.For the Métis of North America, the political and spiritual resistance of Gabriel Dumont stands against the Euro-Canadian expansion emerging from Ottawa.As the Canadian Pacific Railway headed into the native lands of the Upper Great Lakes and the Western Prairie, the traditional lifeways of the Métis people were attacked.Gabriel Dumont, Métis leader (born December 1837 at Red River Settlement; died at Bellevue, SK).Dumont rose to political prominence in an age of declining buffalo herds and was concerned about the ongoing economic prosperity and political independence of his people.In 1872, he took advantage of the growing traffic on the Carlton trail and opened a ferry across the South Saskatchewan River and a small store upstream from Batoche.In 1873, his position as a leader was formalized when he was elected as president of the short-lived local government created by the Métis living on the south branch of the Saskatchewan.

In 18, Dumont chaired meetings which drew up petitions to the federal government asking for representation on the Territorial Council, farming assistance, schools, land grants, and title to already occupied lands.As a leader in the great buffalo hunts, Dumont used advanced guerrilla tactics in various struggles of the Métis.With the passing of the Dominion Lands Acts of 1872, Euro-Canadian settlers began moving en masse to the Canadian West.In the same year, Dumont was elected president of his community, Batoche, Saskatchewan.During the 1885 Resistance, Dumont led his people into battle against the encroaching policies and armies of the Dominion of Canada. Printed at the worker-owned Stumptown Printers, Portland, OR.

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At the age of fourteen Dumont received his initiation in plains warfare when he took part in a Métis skirmish with a large group of Sioux at the Grand Coteau of the Missouri River.

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