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Wallpaper, once the favorite daughter of interior design, is now more like the ugly stepchild.The late 20th century took a toll on the decorating medium that has roots in the early 1700s, bringing far too much paisley and visions of mustard yellow to the dens and foyers of homes past.Sure, modern iterations of the form have attempted to bring wallpaper back into fashion.But for the most part, we paint and we stencil, so the practice of pasting paper onto our kitchen and dining room walls has appropriately faded into design history.In addition to papers that came off the walls of New England buildings, the collection includes wallpapers used to line trunks, cover bandboxes, and decorate fireboards.Wallpapers range from pristine examples with complete repeats to small fragments.Some are in near-perfect condition, others are fragments of the magnificent wall adornments they once were.

Wallpapers reflect the fashionable trends of the period and the status, history and personal taste of the occupants.They give an indication of the hierarchical function of rooms within the house and often record special events.The reward for the returning prodigal in Fathers and Sons was a horse and some ‘new bedroom wallpaper’, and recent research indicates that The Dutch House, Kew was extensively redecorated for the arrival of ‘Mad’ King George using bright, fresh, green verditer paper.Cataloguing and digitization of this collection is supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.Below, read a history of wallpaper written by Richard Nylander.

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Arguably, any wallpapers discovered could be significant and are worth investigating.

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