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\n My mother never understood what I liked about Hugh, my banker boyfriend with the sarcastic sense of humor and pin-striped suspenders, who would often come over to "watch movies" in my room while we were both living at home postcollege...until she walked in on us having sex and saw his, um, biggest asset. Somewhere between "How do you want your steak cooked? My crime wasn't that I was DTF, but that I didn't lock the door." and "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...," my world went from almost orgasmic to unspeakably awkward. (Eventually, Hugh got the shaft.)This was several years ago, and I guess I was ahead of my time, because today a whopping 43 percent of recent college grads are living at home while they look for stable employment or save money from low-pay starter jobs—they call it the Bounceback Generation.Continues our comparison of online or the whole of dating at living parents the border is the third most successful american new wave of at the moment.

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An important milestone in adulthood is establishing independence from one's parents, including finding a job, a place to live and, for most, a spouse or partner, and starting one's own family.

However, there are potential roadblocks on the path to independence that may force young adults to live with their parents longer, including a weak job market, the high cost of living, significant college debt, and helping care for an elderly or disabled parent.

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"I'd waited a long time for someone special to come around.

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