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Thorough research has proven that their damaging effect on the ozone layer is a major threat to the environment.

With manufacturing facilities in Fernley, Nevada and Winchester, Virginia, the company’s products are sold in 29 countries.

After a long debate the CFC was finally phased out and HCFC was established as the most common refrigerant.

In the mid 1970’s new studies showed that HCFC was perhaps safer for use in homes but more damaging to the environment.

Rainwater is an ideal source for our water requirements and momentum behind rain harvesting is building.

Rainwater that is captured and stored correctly is a safe, economical and sustainable source of quality water.

With the Europeans WEEE Directive now mandating a phase out of lead in electronic soldering by July 2006 and Japan’s efforts to do the same even sooner, lead-free is rapidly taking on momentum around the world.

No different than when no-clean fluxes first emerged into the North American market in the mid-eighties due to the elimination of CFC’s, electronic assemblers were confronted with not cleaning residues off soldered circuits.

with approximate 2015 annual revenues reported of 1 million, annual operating income of .4 million and net income of .1 million. Cline was named President and CEO of Trex effective August 17, 2015. Fairbanks was named Vice President and CFO effective August 17, 2015. Cline, President and Chief Executive Officer; Bryan H.

Safety measures can be applied to the manner in which rainwater is captured, stored and dispensed.

In fact some people argue that rainwater is safer than water supplied through mains or reticulated water systems.

From 6 January 2016 onwards, the South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill at Tseung Kwan O will be designated to receive only construction waste to address the odour problem.

The waste collectors who currently collect domestic, commercial and industrial waste from various districts will no longer be able to dispose of the waste at the SENT Landfill.

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Australia is the driest continent on earth and in most rural communities rainwater is the only supply of water for human consumption.

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