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For Jasmine Tobie, a 29-year-old graduate student at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, seeing someone else’s transgressions via email has saved them from a toxic relationship.After finding some receipts that proved her boyfriend was lying to her about being on a business trip one weekend, she decided to look at his email to be sure before she pulled the plug on the relationship.Matthew Breuer has shared the passwords to his computer, email and social media accounts with every girlfriend he’s ever had.It’s a matter of convenience — she can check his email when he can’t access it or get into his phone to change the song playing on the speakers. “I feel like it’s so much easier to live in a relationship where you know you have nothing to hide and are entirely 100 percent honest about who you are and what you’re doing,” he says.That means there’s some fundamental issue with your relationship beyond privacy.” Breuer, a 22-year-old student at Yale University, has most American couples on his side.According to a recent Pew study, 67% of Internet users in marriages or relationships have shared passwords to one or more of their accounts with their partner.

’ It’s such a red flag if there’s something you’re concerned about your partner seeing.Some treat it like a small declaration of trust and intimacy. Hands covered in raw hamburger meat and egg, I said she could do it herself: “9873.” She smiled, silently accepting my trust. Likely the two most important entities in your life, your partner and your smartphone, are bound together. As with any new phase, if this milestone is reached too early it can spell trouble.For the most part, those with nothing to hide are usually the most transparent in their actions. The most confident people are usually the most outgoing, typically the most outspoken, too. A lot of times you might consider them difficult to read.They don't shy away from social situations, or aspects of their pasts, and never feel ashamed to show others the “true” them. Having said that, those with insecurities tend to carry themselves differently – and likely because they do, in fact, have something to hide. And, a lot of times, this occurs as a result of them trying to be people they're not – in an attempt to cover up, or compensate for, those same insecurities.

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