Remember the milk ical not updating

It is only required for syncing and updating of your lists.

Changes made while offline, will be synchronized once an internet connection is available.

It's the perfect example for the ethos of "If 1.0 sucks, all other versions will suck as well", it was done right the day it came out.

Instead of scrolling through endless social media feeds, why not put these devices to better use?

Note Links are a new-ish feature we introduced that’s been talked about here and there on the blog.

Not only are Note Links a powerful way to create an organizational structure that you like, they’re a way to actually associate your notes with a variety of 3rd party services.

Users of Conqu Sync will be able to assign tasks to other people and track the tasks progress even if the other user is not using one of the Conqu family of applications.

Conqu Sync users will see the tasks automatically appear in their inbox.

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