Sedating the triple warmer meridian

So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority. That gift is the rare ability to see the body’s 9 Energy Systems.

called Energy Medicine, which has gotten such great results and evidence of Modern Western Medicine that hospitals, surgery rooms, medical clinics, insurance companies and even medical schools are beginning to accept it. Whilst there are some people who can see Chakras, Donna can see an additional 8 systems.

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The supermagnets for Professor Wollin were made to his specifications.

Professor Wollin received, as a generous gift, 30 Neomax supermagnets from the Sumitomo Special Metals Company of Japan.

For instance, Triple Heater meridian encompasses the Gracilis muscle – which works with the Sartorius and hamstrings to help bend the knee; the Soleus which flexes the foot and lower leg; and the Gastrocnemius, which works with the soleus.

Here, with one meridian, you are affecting more than five muscles. Here you need to remember the sedation point of the meridian and or insertion points of the muscle.

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April 1988Reprinted with [email protected] Z Printing Company - 4000 HWY 62Hardy, Arkansas U. Since July of 1987 more than 50 cancer patients in Sweden and America have been treated - all successfully."Because of the recent invention of a supermagnet with great strength and a minute size, three breast cancer patients have been cured by a method, which will revolutionize the field of cancer treatment.

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