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Twenty-six-year old Aleksandra Wozniak has been dating Canadian twenty-three-year old professional ice hockey player Louis Leblanc.Leblanc was recently traded to the Anaheim Ducks by the Montreal Canadiens.Marie-Anne was an employee of Shania's and looked after her 46-room château in Switzerland.She soon became a close confidante and travel companions as Shania knew virtually no one else in Switzerland.Although, in November 2015 there were talks about their breakup, so the relationship hasn’t been that strong all the way.The 22-year-old, who lost to eventual semifinalist Coco Vandeweghe in the third round of the Australian Open, hasn’t revealed where she’s vacationing, but I read in one comment that it’s Puerto Rico. I’d like to thank Women’s Tennis Blog’s long-time reader Frank for telling me about this!He started off by asking out a married Kim Kardashian and later moved on to Rihanna.Ri Ri has been the object of his virtual affection ever since.

And the music—though still a decent component—got somewhat sidelined in recent seasons in lieu of keeping the sappy and seductive scenes coming to keep eyes glued on the TV screen.

Creep level: Low Both Jadeveon Clowney and Pablo Sandoval (and probably others; definitely J. Smith) have gotten caught creeping on social media during games.

In and of itself, this offense is not so much creepy as it's just inappropriate conduct for a professional athlete.

The two have been a couple for at least a year, while the earliest photo I found of them together dates back to January 2013, when Leblanc was spotted hitting balls with Wozniak at the Cedar Springs club in Burlington.

All the photos in this post are from Wozniak’s Twitter account.

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