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She comes from a long line of free spirits and performers, from an 18th-century explorer via her great-grandparents, a vaudeville double act, to her parents, an actor and an actress-turned-therapist and poet, who imposed no rules or boundaries on their children.All five of the Arquette siblings ended up performers too: Rosanna, David, Richmond and Alexis (born Robert) are all actors. When she first sits down on a sofa opposite me in a bland Berlin hotel room, she is subdued and softly spoken, fidgeting with a long tasselled scarf.

The upcoming sci-fi action flick, which re-imagines the iconic alien creature first seen in 1987, will move the action from the jungle to suburbia and will pit the title monster against an absolutey extraordinary cast that just added another intriguing name: Thomas Jane. His role is still unknown, but Jane has classic action star looks and some serious acting chops, so the right script (and come on, this is Shane Black we're talking about) could really let him shine.1999 deep blue sea, the Punisher and the 2007 Stephen King’s novel construction in 2004, which was adapted from “the mist” is known for roles in movies.Eight months after the raunchiest season of Love Island ever, it looks like the drama is still ongoing, with Tom Powell and Malin Andersson now reportedly hooking up.Its other releases have included “Tracers,” starring Taylor Lautner; Philip Martin’s “The Forger,” starring John Travolta; “American Heist,” starring Hayden Christensen; “Some Kind of Beautiful,” starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba; “Man Up” starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell; and “MI-5,” starring Kit Harington, Jennifer Ehle and Tuppence Middleton.Thomas Jane (born February 22, 1969 Born) is an American actor.

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