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Again, if you are a good and loyal man, don’t worry about it.

Just make sure to know that the first few months of your relationship with a Thai girl means that you are on probation. Thai Women Love Romance This one shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Just to note, the picture above is to get a sense of the facial structure and is not about skin colour The one thing that you will agree is many Thai women are beautiful and very attractive.

Using internet based Thai dating services to make first contact with eligible Thai women is a viable option...

Don’t underestimate that risk, there are gold-diggers out there just waiting for a decent man to come along who can be exploited for all that he is worth.

If you want to date a sexy, younger Thai lady that you can put your trust in, don't go looking for her at a bar...

You might wonder why, given that there are lots of gold-diggers online, I even recommend that you try out the online dating scene at all...

I write it to help newcomers in Thailand understand that seemingly good dates can turn bad anywhere in the world, and the Land of Smiles is definitely no exception.

This post is not a bitch session, nor am I writing it to degrade good women in Thailand.

The answer is really simple; you will still meet lots of women via the net, and they are, on average, a lot more wholesome than the girls that you will meet in the bars. There's no bar-fine to pay, and no tip for the lady in the morning! but you do still need to pick up the food & drink tab :) There simply is no better way to build up knowledge and experience of Thai women than by chatting with them online.

For years I’d read about people’s terrible Thai dating stories, but never really thought they applied to me, since I never frequented clubs or go-go bars. First of all, let me just preempt my story by saying that it has nothing to do with Thailand, and everything to do with the girl.

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